Jet Airways Konnect Flight Booking

Jet Konnect Flight Route/Schedule

Jet Airways Konnect is newest Economical airline in India run by Jet Airways.It provides connecting between Metro cities and small 2 tier cities which are not well connected by other airlines.Jet Koonect currently have 125+ daily flights for various destinations given, list of some those popular flight routes is given below for your ready referance. Jet Konnect flights are operated by Jet Airways crew members and aircarfts are also taken away from regular Jet Airways Flights. Even ground handling staffs are also same for both airlines. Jet Konnect airline is growing rapidly and more rotes are expected to be added soon.So keep flying on Konnect's flight and enjoy the luxury of Jet Airways at 10-20% lesser cost. Book Now.The new service Jet Konnect will have a total of 54 flights per week and will fly to mini metros and some sectors from Mumbai with 19 routes and 38 cities. The fare structure will be similar to JetLite and passengers will get all the flier programme benefits. Follwing flight routes are available currently -

Bangalore to Kochi Delhi to Amritsar Mumbai to Bhopal
Bangalore to Mangalore Delhi to Vadodara Mumbai to Ahmedabad
Bangalore to Hyderabad Mumbai to Udaipur
Bangalore to Pune   Mumbai to Bhavnagar
Bangalore to Chennai Chennai to Madurai Mumbai to Jodhpur
Ahmedabad to Mumbai
Chennai to Coimbatore Mumbai to Bhopal
Amritsar to Delhi Chennai to Bangalore Mumbai to Chennai
Bhavnagar to Mumbai Chennai to Kochi Mumbai to Jaipur
Bhopal to Mumbai Pune to Banaglore
Mumbai to Vadodara
Chennai to Mumbai Jodhpur to Mumbai Mumbai to Kochi
Coimbatore to Chennai Jaipur to Mumbai Kochi to Bangalore
Hyderabad to Bengaluru Madurai to Chennai Kochi to Chennai
Udaipur Mumbai Mangalore to Bangalore Kochi to Mumbai
  Guwahati to Agartala Vadodara to Delhi
Kolkata to Jorhat  Kolkata to Guwahati  Vadodara to Mumbai
Kolkata to Agartala Kolkata to Bengaluru